Accounting & Tax Advice


Preparation of quarterly and annual taxes

As a firm we pride ourselves on keeping in constant contact with our clients,

providing them with regular updates regarding their tax liabilities, which by law are

required to be presented on a quarterly and annual basis. We provide our clients

with advice at each stage, on which taxes needs to be presented and giving tips on

how to reduce their liability.


Bookkeeping and accounts preparation

Takes the stress away from all the paperwork, giving you more time to concentrate

on your business and more importantly saves you money from having to employ

an in house bookkeeper. Clients would have regular meetings with one of our

accountants to ensure the smooth running of their business.

Reducing your tax liability

As and when your company expands, hopefully creating a greater profit, we will be

on hand to provide individual solutions to ensure that your company has in place a

more effective tax plan, to ensure greater profitability.


Advice on IVA (VAT)

Here we provide clients with advice on the various rates of tax applicable to goods

and work closely with them to ensure that they are able to reclaim the majority of

IVA paid.

Preparation of wageslips

For companies who employ staff, we prepare employees wage slips, providing

advice to the employer on the best terms, thus avoiding any unnecessary disputes

and minimum costs to the business in the future.